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Morneau Shepell July Webinars

Psychology of Exercise – July 12, 2019. Going into your workout with the proper mindset can drastically change the results you yield. Practicing mindfulness, breathing techniques, and meditation increase your mental strength so you can tackle your day with optimal energy and focus. Psychology of Exercise Webinar Registration

Concentration – July 26, 2019. Have you have ever driven to work but not remembered the trip? If so then you can benefit from learning about the importance of concentration and how to improve it. Concentration Webinar Registration

EAP - Morneau Shepell

Provided through your Group Insurance with The Standard

Personal challenges can affect your work and home life. Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), provides free confidential counseling and resources to help you and your family. Individual counseling is available to you and eligible family members, 16 years and older. Family counseling is available for children from ages 12 – 15 with their parent or guardian.

Contact master's-degreed clinicians at the EAP 24/7 by phone 877-851-1631, online www.workhealthlife.com, text "MSEAP" to 53342 or via My EAP mobile app.

Counseling Services

  • Everyday issues
  • Marriage/Children
  • Healthy lifestyle/Personal growth
  • Stress/Emotions
  • Support in tough situations

Additional EAP Services

Legal Services
Free 30-minutes face-to-face or telephonic consultation for each legal issue with nationwide panel of attorneys, 25% discount if network attorney is retained, free online will preparation

Financial Services
Free 60-munite financial counseling session per issue with certified consumer credit counselors and financial planners, identity theft consultations for prevention and free identity theft kit if identity has been stolen.

WorkLife Services
Family Support is available to you through consultation with a professional over the telephone to find local solutions and helpful resources for your family for:

  • Childcare and after-school programs
  • Adoption, Expectant and new parenting
  • Seniors’ accommodations/nursing homes
  • Caregiver support groups
  • Rehabilitation and home support programs

EAP Website
Visit the EAP website for a comprehensive library, videos, articles, financial calculators, health assessments, and webinars.

Morneau Shepell

Morneau Shepell
Morneau Shepell's My EAP App lets you gain immediate, confidential, and secure access to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a value-added program that is part of The Standard’s Group Life Insurance.