Personal Health Assessment (PHA) Program

The current PHA submission period ended September 30, 2017.

The St. Johns County Wellness Program offers a variety of events and choices. It is an employer/employee health partnership designed to assist employees by providing guidance, encouragement, and empowerment to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Wellness Program also provides opportunities to improve your overall health and well being by taking part in health initiatives.

The intent of the PHA program is to help employees and their spouses lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle, through providing medical screenings, biometric testing and health coaching at the annual Wellness Expo. Employees can participate by attending the annual Wellness Expo, smaller wellness screening events, or through your doctor’s office or Quest Diagnostics. For more information, please see the separate Personal Health Assessment (PHA) Guide. If participating through your own doctor, please see the PHA Physician Verification Form.

  • You may receive a $50 monthly health insurance credit if you complete your PHA before September 30.
  • If you cover your spouse under the County Medical Plan, you can receive an additional $50 monthly health insurance credit if your spouse also completed their PHA before the deadline.
  • Your credit will begin with your first pay in January and continue through December.

Wellness Benefits available through Florida Blue

Care Consultants: Assist in comparing your choices when it comes to medical services and prescriptions. The quality and price of medical services can vary, depending on where you go for office visits, imaging services, and surgery.

Health Coaches: They provide individual support, guidance, focusing on what you see as most important about your health.