Plan Source - Online Benefits Portal

Open Enrollment Ended at Midnight on Tuesday, October 31
Enrollment elections for 2018 benefit coverage are closed. You can review your benefits selections at any time during the year on the online benefits system Log in instructions below.

Plan Source is the employee self-service, online portal for employees of St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners to enroll in all benefits plans. Once logged in, you will be able to see what plans you are currently enrolled in and compare costs and benefit details. Before you begin the enrollment process, please make sure you have reviewed the benefit plans in the 2018 Benefits Guide and have all dependent information including date of birth and social security number.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All new hires eligible for benefits will have 60 days from date of hire to complete the enrollment process. This is the employee’s responsibility; Personnel Services will not contact you regarding your enrollment. Additionally, you must provide documentation proving dependent eligibility. See page 3 in the Benefits Guide for more information.

Set Up Your Account:

1. Log In

USER ID = First initial, first six letters of your last name, last four of social. (Ex. jsmith0410).

PASSWORD = Initial password will be your date of birth in the YYYYMMDD format. (All passwords will be reset at the start of Open Enrollment to your date of birth in the following format YYYYMMDD.)

Existing Employees = Select “Enroll - Annual” for open enrollment

New Employees = Select “Enroll - New Hire”

For assistance, call Personnel Services 904-209-0635 x5 and someone in Benefits will be happy to assist.

2. Review and Update Personal Information

Review the information and update your personal data by inputting any requested information. The * indicates a required field. Remember to press “Continue” at the bottom of the page to proceed through the enrollment and only use the gray Plan Source “Back” button. Do NOT use the back button on your internet browser or your enrollment changes will be lost.

3. Add / Verify a Dependent

If you need to add a dependent to your coverage, choose “Add Dependent” on the Update Dependent screen. You should verify/add all dependents, even if you are not enrolling them. This will allow the system to offer the benefits as needed. Press “Continue” at the bottom of the page to proceed through the enrollment. If your desired election does not appear, or your dependent is not showing, you must go back to this section and add them.

If you are adding dependents to your coverage you are required to provide documentation proving that your dependents meet eligibility requirements. For document requirements please review the Eligible Dependent Requirements. Your documents can be uploaded into Plan Source or you can provide them to Personnel Service.

4. Review Notices and Electronically Sign

Review notices and electronically sign to begin your election. Review the SBC Notice, Health Insurance Marketplace Notice, and Notice of Privacy Practices. For each notice, choose “I Agree” and press “Continue.” The E-Signature screen will appear next. Type in your password and choose “Continue” to electronically sign.

5. Choose Elections

Continue through each benefit offering, choosing your desired election under the appropriate plan, or by declining the benefit entirely. If you elect coverage with dependents (eligible for coverage under IRS guidelines), check the box next to each dependent you would like enrolled. Choose “Continue” at the bottom to continue to the next benefit.

6. Confirmation

Once you have completed each benefit election, the Confirmation page will appear. Review each benefit including all dependents to be added to be sure everything is correct. Once you have reviewed and confirmed all of the desired elections are correct, choose “Confirm” at the bottom of the page. Your benefit election will not be complete until you hit the “Confirm” button. Email a copy of this for your records by entering your email address and clicking “Send.”

Changing, Adding or Dropping Coverage Due to a Life Event

From the Plan Source home page, select “Make a Change to My Benefits” if you would like to request a change to your benefits due to a life event. You will then be asked for the type of life event and the date of the event. The date of the event should be the date your coverage is to change. For example, if your spouse lost coverage on 9/30, the date you will enter is 10/1 because that is the date you want your spouse added to your insurance.

PLEASE NOTE: Life Events are not immediately processed. It may take up to 2 weeks for a change to be made after the life event has been submitted.

For more information, or assistance with your enrollment, please contact Personnel Services 904-209-0635 x5.