About SafetyNet

Office Safety Event

We had 113 employees participate in a variety of activities with the goal to raise safety awareness.

The Safety Leadership Team (SLT) worked diligently to identify and set-up 26 safety hazards in a “test office.” Participants entered the “test office” and wrote down as many office hazards as they could identify in a 5-minute time frame. Then, they were given a timed safety quiz related to AED’s, fire extinguishers, emergency evacuations, and active shooter scenarios. Additional points were awarded for playing a round of bean bag toss. Plaques were awarded to the top three scorers. Chair massages were provided for added incentive and participants received a county logo lunch bag as a door prize.

Thanks to the Safety Leadership Team who are a true hands-on asset to St. Johns County and the Risk Management Team! The SLT coordinated every detail of the event including registration and solicitation of event prizes, and filled roles as game operators, and judges.

Proactive Safety Tip

Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands.

SafetyNet is a resource for safety information designed to encourage safe behaviors and promote a safe work environment.