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Blood Drive – You still have time to sign up online for our upcoming blood drive with OneBlood on Thursday, June 8, 8am-1pm at 4020 Lewis Speedway. When you donate, you are making an immediate contribution to the health and welfare of your community. Plus, enjoy a FREE OneBlood t-shirt and a wellness checkup. Blood Drive Appointment Scheduler

2017 Personal Health Assessment Guide Participate in the PHA program and a credit will be applied to your 2018 monthly health insurance premiums. As we did in 2016, we invite all covered spouses to also complete the PHA to receive a credit applied to the employee’s monthly health insurance premium. The PHA credit program is designed to help employees and their spouses engage in managing their individual health and is open through September 30, 2017. Personal Health Assessment Guide  |  Pick-A-Time Appointment Scheduler

  • May 25 @ Emergency Management, 9-2
  • June 14 @ PV Concert Hall, 2-5
  • June 28 @ Parks & Recreation, 2-5
  • July 27 @ SE Branch Library, 9-12
  • August 10 @ Jullington Creek Annex, 2-5
  • August 30 @ SJSO Squad Room, 12-7

National Mental Health Month
The month of May raises awareness about mental illness and related issues in the United States. In recent times, attitudes towards mental health issues appear to be changing. Negative attitudes and stigma associated with mental health have reduced and there has been growing acceptance towards mental health issues and support for people with them. For more information visit Mental Health America.

National Stroke Month
The month of May is National Stroke Awareness Month, run by the National Stroke Association who help individuals ‘Save a Life’ by educating them about stroke risk factors, stroke symptoms, and stroke preventative measures. The month is also a timely reminder of stroke survivors and how specific organizations support stroke survivors throughout their lifelong journey of recovery. For more information visit National Stroke Month.

National Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Month
The aim of ALS awareness month is to raise awareness about ALS, gather support for those affected by this condition and to encourage funding and research into a treatment or cure. ALS is a devastating progressive neurodegenerative disease which destroys the ability to walk, speak, eat and breathe. For more information visit the ALS Association.

MyPlate is a reminder to find your healthy eating style and build it throughout your lifetime. Everything you eat and drink matters. The right mix can help you be healthier now and in the future. MyPlate

What’s Cooking? USDA Mixing Bowl is an interactive tool to help with healthy meal planning, cooking and grocery shopping. USDA Mixing Bowl

Helpful Nutrition Tips – Great handouts and tip sheets on food labels, healthy snacks for kids and more. EatRight.org

Fast Food, Healthy Food – If you’re a fast-food regular, keep these pointers in mind. Fast Food, Healthy Food

Employee Golf Program – Play More. Pay Less!
The St. Johns Golf Club is offering St. Johns County BOCC Employees a way to play golf, enjoy increased physical fitness, and save! The program is open through September 30, 2017 for full and part-time employees and eligible dependents. Employee Golf Program Flyer and Registration Form

About SJC Wellness

What is the SJC Wellness program?
The Wellness Program is an employer / employee health partnership designed to assist employees with the guidance, encouragement, empowerment, and education to deal with health and fitness issues.

Why do we need wellness?
Besides the obvious — that we all want to live long and healthy lives — because health care costs are going through the roof and staying healthy is one of the best ways of reducing those costs!

How we help.
The County Wellness Program provides educational programs and resources to assist employees in recognizing and addressing potential health risks. It also provides employees opportunities to improve their overall health and well being.

Who is eligible to participate?
All employees who are in active work status and are eligible for benefits as defined by St. Johns County Employees Benefits are eligible to participate, along with eligible spouses and dependent children.

As part of the Health Partnership, the county will make available to employees educational materials designed to bring the latest and most innovative sources of information for making good healthy choices.

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