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Mind-Body Connection Challenge
The countdown is on for the Mind-Body Connection well-being challenge! During this six-week program, you will learn the importance of the mind-body connection as well as ways to identify and manage your stress. Challenge runs October 28 – December 9. Register by October 24. Mind-Body Connection Challenge

SJC Employee Vaccination Clinics
Don’t miss the Summer/Fall vaccination clinics for St Johns County employees enrolled on our medical insurance. Vaccines will be administered by CVS Health on a first come, first serve basis; NO appointments. Clinics are open to SJC employees ONLY. We will schedule another round of clinics February through April for Shingles / Hep A vaccines. Please see the list of clinic dates/times/locations. The following vaccines will be available:

  • Recombinant Zoster (Shingles) vaccine – requires two doses, 2 to 6 months apart
  • Hepatitis A vaccine – requires two doses, at least 6 months apart
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • DAP vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis)
  • Pneumonia vaccine
  • Influenza vaccine (Flu Shot) – NOW AVAILABLE

Racing for Wellness Program

Join the Wellness Wheelers and Bike MS!
We've formed a team for Bike MS as part of our new Racing for Wellness Program—an epic fundraising ride that is changing the lives of people affected by MS and helping fuel progress toward a world free of MS. We'd love your support as we prepare for this incredible experience. If you want to do more than make a donation, join our team! To receive your 15% registration discount, email SJC Wellness. Wellness Wheelers Team Bike MS Page

Wellness Discounts

Yoga Employee Discount
The Yoga Collective in St. Augustine is offering St. Johns County employees a special deal with a $12 drop in rate. Must show your SJC Badge. Yoga Collective Discount

Get Golf Ready
The St. Johns Golf Club offers BOCC, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff’s Office, Supervisor of Elections and Fire Services employees an economical way to play golf and get fit. Valid through 09/30/19, employees and eligible dependents can participate in this program. Get Golf Ready

Heath & Fitness

New Gym Equipment and Fitness Waiver
St Johns County offers three onsite Fitness Center Locations exclusively for SJC employees; all of which recently received new cardio and strength training equipment! If you are interested in using a fitness center location, please complete and return a Fitness Center Waiver to At that time you will receive information on making an appointment to obtain badge or code access to the fitness center(s) of your choice.

Healthways Fitness Your Way™
A new way to get healthy and feel good on your own terms. This one-of-a-kind program, offered through Florida Blue, offers you the flexibility to work out at any network fitness location, on your time and on a budget that you can live with. It’s one of the most flexible, affordable and accessible ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle and remain committed to it. Healthways Enrollment Flyer

Immunization Awareness
Immunization, or vaccination, helps prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. To stay protected against serious illnesses like the flu, measles, and pneumonia, adults need to get their shots – just like kids do. Take the Adult Vaccine Quiz to see what you might need.

About SJC Wellness

Mission Statement

To improve the health, well-being and quality of life for all St. Johns County employees and their families by empowering people to promote and model positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong commitment to wellness.

Wellness Committee Goals

  • Support and encourage employees and their families in making healthy choices with their work and home lives
  • Identify ways to respond to high stress times in the workplace
  • Identify areas where positive changes can happen and implement strategies to encourage those changes
  • Inform employees about existing health related resources through education and promotion
  • Inspire and motivate individuals to take responsibility for their own health
  • Support a sense of community among employees between different constitutionals, divisions, and departments
  • Advocate for employees to have their voice be heard and valued by seeking employee input and using the Wellness Committee as a vehicle of change

Wellness Challenge

Mind-Body Connection
Countdown is on for the Mind-Body Connection well-being challenge!
Register by October 24

mind-body connection brain

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St Johns County offers three onsite fitness centers for SJC employees.
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