Emergency Travel Assistance

Assist America Travel Assistance

Explore the world with confidence. Rely on Assist America Travel Assistance with The Standard Insurance Company when you’re away from home.

Things can happen on the road. Passports get stolen or lost. Unforeseen events or circumstances derail travel plans. Medical problems service at the most inconvenient times. Travel Assistance can help you navigate these issues and more at any time of the day or night.

You and your spouse are covered with Travel Assistance – and so are your kids through age 25 – as a value-added service provided through your group insurance from The Standard.

Travel Assistance is available when you travel more than 100 miles (150 km) from home or internationally for up to 180 days for business or pleasure. For more information, visit Travel Assistance or call 800.872.1414.

Pick up or download an informational brochure from Human Resources, which contains a tear out wallet card you can carry with you when you travel or download the Assist America Mobile App. Use Reference #: 01-AA-STD-5201.

How to use Travel Assistance

  1. Always carry your Travel Assistance ID card when traveling.

  2. If you suffer a medical emergency, go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact Travel Assistance.

  3. For help with medical, travel, and security problems, call Assist America using one of the country-specific toll-free numbers printed on the back of the card: 800.872.1414 (United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Bermuda) OR 1.609.986.1234 (Everywhere Else)

  4. A multilingual Assistance Coordinator will ask your name, your organization's name, your Group ID and Activation Code (shown on your ID card) and a description of the situation.

  5. Assistance will be given and Assist America will monitor your case until the situation is resolved.

Emergency Travel Assistance Services

  • Passport, visa, weather and currency exchange information, health hazards advice and inoculation requirements

  • Emergency ticket, credit card and passport replacement, funds transfer and missing baggage

  • 24/7/365 phone access to registered nurses for health and medication information and help understanding treatment options

  • Emergency evacuation to the nearest adequate medical facility and medically necessary repatriation to employee’s home

  • Connection to medical care providers, interpreter services, a local attorney or consular office

  • Return travel companion if travel is disrupted due to emergency transportation services

  • Logistical arrangements for ground transportation, housing and or evacuation