Coronavirus Employee Updates

New - Updated Workplace Guidelines

The Board of County Commissioners recently voted to rescind the COVID-19 emergency order and provided direction to bring closure to all COVID-19 programs and initiatives, including the vaccination program, the mask mandate for County facilities, and all related Emergency Operations Center activities. As a result, on 5/26/21 the County Administrator announced all COVID-19 personnel practices and policies related to employees have expired. All BCC Employees will no longer be required to report their daily COVID-19 screening through the Healthfully App or hard copy forms. In addition, any COVID-19 facility alterations (signage, temperature detectors, etc.) should be removed and all departments or divisions conducting COVID-19 activities, closures, or program alterations should cease doing so or consult with Administration with any related questions.

We recognize that limited circumstances must still be managed due to COVID-19 positive cases and possible exposures in this next phase, therefore COVID-19 testing and exposures should still be reported to Risk Management. Best practice remains that if an employee is ill, to notify your supervisor/manager and do not come to your workplace. If symptoms continue into a third day, testing may be necessary, contact Risk Management to coordinate the accurate timing of the employee’s COVID-19 test. Our guidance continues to adjust to the latest CDC & FDOH guidelines to maintain the most efficient method to manage employee exposure cases. All COVID-19 testing and exposures should be reported to Risk Management at 904.827.6886 or email