Coronavirus Employee Updates

New COVID Guidance

As St. Johns County transitions out of the latest COVID pandemic phase, it is necessary to update the guidance protocols for our BCC employees (non Fire-Rescue). Per County Administration, BCC Employees are no longer required to report COVID symptoms to Risk Management. It is expected that employees will take individual responsibility and manage an illness as a personal health condition. Per the Administrative Code, an employee should not report to the workplace sick and notify their supervisor of their illness. If an employee receives a positive COVID test, the results should be reported thorough the Employee COVID Self Reporting Form portal. Risk will manage the return to work for the impacted employees. Keep in mind, Rapid test results are considered accurate if conducted approx. 72 hours after symptoms appear. Please contact Risk at 904.827.6886 or with any questions or issues.

Employee COVID Self Reporting Form

Do not report to work if you are COVID positive or experiencing symptoms. You are required to first notify your Supervisor of your current situation. Next, you will enter your current COVID circumstances through the online portal below. Once you have completed the form you will be contacted by a member of the Risk Management Team to develop your COVID response plan. If you have questions or can’t complete the online form, contact Risk Management at 904.827.6886 or for further guidance on your specific case. Employee COVID Self Reporting Form